Why is it that we find Episode really fun as well as entertaining?

Episode is a fascinating blend of a visual book and adolescent life simulation game, which allows you to explore the thickness of play, unshared adore, affectionate dating, back-stabbing and much more. Using Episode, made for mobile platforms (including Android), you can forge your own love drama.


Episode features tens of thousands of working events: a few were published from the studio and other by the fan community episode hack. The Absolute Most Well-known kinds would be:

I married a prince. Youas a daughter of a exact commendable and older loved ones, were sworn to the heir to the throne as his future wife. Will the love spark between you and him?

Terrible Boy’s Woman. Your personality has had a crush Jay for decades today. But most of a sudden his half-brother returns from another town and joins the class. What twist would the story simply take in that point?

Started with a lie. Falling inlove and investigating a murder puzzle entirely intertwine, even though media follows wherever you go.

It began with a Bra. Well, it’d much better be explored personally.

In Episode game you’re presented entire liberty of customizing appearances of both your avatar along with your own crush. Skin color and complexion, hairstyle, apparel products, develop and body, facial functions – layout the love interest of your dream!

After the character tweaking is finished, you could get into the actions and live through every situation you want. Practice trash-talking, contend over your crush’s awareness, make close friends and reveal the authentic shades of those who overpower you… every single decision in Episode can influence the outcome of the entire story one way or another. That means you can replay them until all of the endings possible are successfully unlocked.

Besides you can be an author/director inside this game also. Concoct a plot, create characters with characters that are unique. Throw within this particular cocktail a strange storyline having a couple of unexpected twists. And of course don’t overlook the x factor, that will make this wild mix burst – love.

Once your scenario is polished and complete, you can discuss it online with the supporter network: around 100 million men and women enjoy Episode’s stories.


Episode is a collection of interactive graphic novels. And its own 2-d art style is really adequate and amazing. It has a tinge of gloss and glamour, that can be so crucial from the drama/love experiences, featuring youngsters visit this website. Cutscenes and dialogues are absolutely eloquent and don’t quite stutter and general Episode sounds and feels very powerful.


The game doesn’t require a lot many frequent gestures out of you. Just pick a term you want your character to say, do swiping/tapping whenever looking for a new outfit/hairstyle outside and also you ‘ll be helpful. Other than that you’re perhaps not involved directly within the game’s action.

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